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Grasshopper book

Typography project, 2017

For this project I was given a grasshopper as inspiration for my book.

For research, I looked into how the grasshopper remains a Chinese symbol of longevity, happiness, good health and luck. 

Each page has been based on the body proportions of a grasshopper, starting from (from left) the head, the thorax, the forelegs, abdomen and its hind legs.

The book is written from the perspective of the grasshopper and with each page, there is a fact about that grasshopper's particular body part. 


Also the words 'chirp chirp' are present in red Chinese script, the same red from the China flag.

The grid represents the cages that grasshoppers are kept in, so to continue the theme each page is numbered with the dark grey lines.

(Left) The introduction page. Giving an overview on grasshoppers and inviting the reader to follow them through the book.

Below are the pages in order.

Page 3 has a grid that represents a page of sheet music, this links into the page being about the hind legs that produce the chirping sounds grasshoppers make. 

Page 1 (Head)

Page 2 (Thorax)

Page 3 (Front legs)

Page 4 (Hind legs)

Page 5 (Abdomen)

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