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Personal project, 2018

This project is inspired by the growing concern for our planets oceans and the amount of plastic pollution within them. There are alternatives to plastic carrier bags, so why are we not using them? I work in a large supermarket, so I constantly see unnecessary plastics.

Recently, for the first time, I had a magazine delivered in the post in a wrap that wasn't familiar. On the wrap, it instructed not to throw it away, but instead put it inside your compost bins or use it as a food caddy bag as it was made from potato starches and was 100% biodegradable. 

My designed bags have the same biodegradable idea, but each bag has a factual reminder to consumers about the damage plastic bags and plastic in general can do to our planet. With multiple alternatives to plastic carrier bags, this bag is a grim reminder to consumers that some actions have consequences.

I've also created the tag 'seasick' which plays on the nauseating effect of the sea, and also that the sea is sick due to plastic pollution.

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