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Sticks and Stones

V&A project, 2016

This project is based on the concept of childhood outdoor play. I packaged three games that can be played outside, all the game equipment can also be found outside (eg: sticks, stones etc) I packaged them in a handmade wooden, sturdy carry box, much like a toolbox. The box is separated into 3 compartments where each game sits, any found game pieces can be kept inside the small hessian bags in each compartment. 

Each bag has the game name heat pressed onto. The instruction booklets are designed to withstand all weathers, so they are printed onto a special waterproof and tear-proof paper.

Each instruction booklet folds out into an interactive poster to colour in and answer.

This poster would be in the 'Noughts and Crosses' instruction booklet.

The idea is for a child to find sticks and natural objects to create their grid for their own 'Noughts and Crosses' game.

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